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Novus Incorporated is a Consulting, Advisory and Outsourced Procurement Back Office organization assisting clients in navigating through the procurement process with ease and precision. Novus Incorporated offers clients the use of Novus PBO software for all their purchasing needs including services, goods, information management and construction. Advisory services provided in conjunction with software tools allow clients to tap into the vast Procurement and Supply Chain experience of the Novus staff. The time required to create Requests for Proposals (RFPs) is reduced dramatically by using the tools that Novus makes available to clients.


Business Consulting

Let us show you how to lower administration and management costs for bid preparation and contract cycle. Enhance opportunity for successful bids. Negotiate optimum contract terms to your benefit and identify future sales opportunities.


Procurement Back Office

Novus Incorporated has developed a proprietary web-based solution for businesses to create and post bid documents (Request for Proposals (RFPs), RFQs etc.), receive bids electronically, evaluate the bids, issue Purchase Orders (POs) and pay the invoices effortlessly and with great precision.


Conference Speaking

Boris Tsinman is the author and presenter of a variety of courses with an emphasis on Procurement and Supply Chain and has written articles on these subjects for various publications.

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